Striker Series FAQ


What Should I Wear To Compete?

Participants should wear their regular training uniform, such as a GI or shorts and school t-shirt.  Be sure to remember to bring your mouth guard and groin protection, all other protective equipment will be provided on site.

Are Medals Awarded To Participants?
For the Striker Series Tournament participants there are GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE medals (same designer as for the Tokyo Olympics – they are really nice!)
A Super Match is for participants who couldn’t be matched according to the tournament criteria.  They are matched with other regular tournament participants who agree to step up and gain extra experience.
Is There Food Available At The Venue?
Yes, there is a concession with some fast food items and drinks available at the venue.  It is a good idea, however, to bring your own water bottles and healthy snacks to hold you over while competing.
Can My Friends And Family Come Watch?

Yes, this is an all ages event.  The more the merrier!  There is an entry fee of $20 for adults and  $10 for kids 12 and under, to help us to continue to put on these awesome events.